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9 Jul 2024

Orfund Foundation 2023 Financial Statements

Orfund Foundation 2023 Financial Statements are available for download. Download PDF – 183 Kb

27 Nov 2022

Orfund 2022 Newsletter is available

Over the past few years, Orfund has continued to work with organizations that can grow locally as they become more established and professional. Ideally, Orfund’s contribution to these organizations becomes smaller over time as the local community takes on more responsibility. Download PDF – 973 kb

30 Jun 2022

Orfund 2021 Financial Statements

Orfund Foundation 2021 Financial Statements are available for download. Download PDF – 173 Kb

What are African Partners are saying

Read comments from our African Partners

  • Kgothatso Orphan Care Program

    In 2012 after realizing the need to continue our services to children even beyond preschool, Kgothatso Center introduced the Life Skills program as its second service after Nutrition & Preschool. Orfund played a key role in advising Kgothatso on finding a way of bench-marking/working with other centers such as Stepping Stones International who by then were already ahead. Kgothatso Orphan Care and the community of Gabane appreciate and give many thanks to this foundation for their continued contribution and tireless efforts to supporting the welfare of OVCs in Botswana.

    - Kgothatso Orphan Care Program
  • St Peters

    With help from Orfund we are able to hire qualified teachers, experienced cooks, teacher assistants, cleaners and a driver. Without this help it would be difficult to run the centre because it is virtually impossible to have skilled volunteers due to the economic reality that most people need to earn a living. We have managed to maintain the good standard at the centre because workers know that after a month of hard, dedicated work they get remuneration to help them. They therefore give quality care to the children and keep the premised in a desirable condition. This has been made possible by support from Orfund Foundation.

    - St Peters
  • Kgothatso Orphan Care Program

    For the past 9 years ORFUND Foundation has been partnering with Kgothatso Orphan Care program in raising orphaned and vulnerable children through supporting mainly the Nutritional and Preschool services of the center with funding. This has really impacted positively in the lives of the kids, who through ORFUND’s intervention have had an opportunity to two nutritious meals per day as well as preschool education just as any other well off kids in the village of Gabane. About 160 of these children have graduated from the center and are doing well in primary school both academically and emotionally, this is because of the confidence and the positive attitude instilled on them during their time at Kgothatso to be able to beat the challenges of life they found themselves in, and all thanks to ORFUND!

    - Kgothatso Orphan Care Program
  • Tirisanyo Catholic Commission

    Orfund has been supporting Kamogelo for over 10 years and helped us to expand the programs to include more children and a broader range of services. In addition to monetary support for professional staff Orfund  built our garden facility and was instrumental in showing how to use this facility in a productive way. We greatly value our partnership with Orfund. Orfund’s monetary support is matched by funding from the Diocese of Gaborone.

    - Tirisanyo Catholic Commission

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