Orfund’s charitable giving has expanded from one community-based organization in 2004, Kamogelo, which provided services to about 25 pre-school orphans and vulnerable children to charitable giving which has included over ten community-based organizations reaching hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children each year.

Orfund Foundation Summary

The following provides some key information on Orfund Foundation’s activities since inception in 2004.

Since inception and through 2022 Orfund Foundation has received donations of over $1.5 million from more than 200 individuals and businesses.

Program Funding
Orfund Foundation’s charitable giving from inception through 2022 is greater than $1.5 million. Our charitable giving has expanded from one community based organization in 2004, Kamegelo, which provided services to about 25 pre-school orphans and vulnerable children to charitable giving to over ten locally based organizations providing services to hundreds of beneficiaries.

In addition to the absolute increase in the number of orphans and vulnerable children receiving services the range of services has also been expanded. From a start in 2004 of providing basic nutritional and material needs such as clothing and a safe environment the organizations we support now provide initiatives for early childhood and youth development including education, nutritional and health related services. These services are provided in modern facilities which meet the standards as set by the Government of Botswana. Our goal is to provide every individual with the tools to reach their full potential irrespective of the circumstances. Education is the primary means to achieve this so most of Orfund’s efforts are focused on providing early childhood education and supplementing youth education with after school programs. Orfund is also active in training teachers, caregivers and organization managers.

Orfund Foundation’s Expense Policy

All of the Orfund Foundation’s employees and Board of Directors are volunteers and receive no compensation or expense reimbursement for out of pocket expenditures such as air travel, meals, or hotels. The vast majority of third party services from lawyers, administrators, fund raisers and advertisers are provided on a pro-bono basis. The small amount of third party expenses that are not provided on a pro-bono basis (such as audit fees) are paid by the Founders. Therefore 100% of donations are available to our local operating partners to fund their initiatives.

Orfund Foundation Financial Statements 2023
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