Orfund Foundation supports orphan and vulnerable children programs that provide relief from poverty, provide for the advancement of education, and provide benefits to the community. Ultimately Orfund’s objective is to assist children to reach their full potential.

Orfund utilizes a network of business and personal contacts in Canada and elsewhere to provide a relatively stable source of donations that are both long-term and predictable. Orfund’s goal is to provide a stable source of support to community based organizations which can grow locally as they become more established and professional. Ideally Orfund’s contribution to these organizations becomes smaller as a percentage to total support overtime as the local community takes on more responsibility. To date this model has been very successful.

All of the Group’s efforts and time are entirely donated and the Group pays all administrative costs, which enables all donations to go directly towards on-the ground and in-country projects. This “no expense” model is highlighted in Orfund’s annual audited financial statements which are published online at www.orfundfoundation.com.

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